Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Making an Easter Movie

Making an Easter Movie 

Several years ago with a Year 6 class and a French language assistant from the local High School  we created an opportunity for the class to generate movies of simple animal songs which were sung to a very familiar refrain - 10 Little Indians 

The class loved ICT  and as you can see from the example below were able to create simple movies using windows movie maker that explained the song they heard the language assistant sing . It was helped by the fact that the language assistant had a beautiful voice too.

It was a simple song known by a lot of us in French we then changed and to describe different animals and their associated movements : 

Un petit,deux petits, trois petits lapins ,
quatre petits, cinq petits , six petits lapins
sept petits , huit petits , neuf petits lapins 
dix petits lapins sautent!

As a class we were practising nouns for animals ,linking these to  action verbs  and looking at regular er verbs in French - so we had rabbits that jump, lambs that run and birds that fly in our three songs .It was Easter time - hence the lambs ! 

We used this simple book to explore animals and their movements .The book is still on my book shelf and is still used with classes  as they love learning about  real animals and exploring simple real factual information in the target language contained in the book

Recently looking at all the new APPS that we can use to create movies with the children I decided that it would be good to challenge the language teachers and assistants that work with me to challenge their classes to create their own Easter Movies .
An APP like Story Creator would be ideal - for children to record the story with pictures and then on the final page to sing the whole song 

With Year 3 the children can sing the song , record themselves and then create their own group movies 

With Year 4 the children can alter the song - change the animal and the action and create their own group movies 

With UKS2 the children can work on writing their own songs about an animal and an action and create in pairs simple movies . 

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  1. Have done a song lyric composition challenge with P3 (Yr 2) learners using the Spanish version of this song 'Uno, dos, tres pollitos'. In the original the chicks 'saltan'. In groups the children chose a different verb for their verse which they had to act out when performed for others. In the end we had chicks that 'marchan' 'bailan' and finally 'duermen'. Topped off with a fab class performance in assembly.