Monday, 8 September 2014

Changing Faces and Creative Popart Challenge

This evening on my Pinterest board janet's language learning  this pinned item from a few months ago caught my attention! 

Changing faces 
This Popart picture is made up of the faces of Tintin and it caught my eye immediately - as it could be such a great shared language learning tool across UKS2 and then into Y7!

With young learners who are beginners in the target language we can play Quiz Quiz Swap / partner or group guessing games/ create our own written Art work replacing the image of the hair with a written target language phrase etc

With young learners who are moving on in their learning we can give Tintin a personality based on each picture - emotions, names, age, likes and dislikes etc 
We can bring the pictures out again in a different lesson and  revisit,recall and build upon knowledge of sentence structure.

And what about practising those common present tense verbs to describe someone or something? We can practise first to third person verb changes,develop conversations rather than dialogues and generate new Popart challenges for other pupils in the class or add voices and sound via QRs and Yakit!

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