Friday, 31 October 2014

Nouns, the verb to be and adjectives to create our own book front covers in our own class book shop window.

Today is 31 October and  as I was looking around for ghost stories in target languages I came across this book front cover and fell upon the simplest of ideas!

Here we can see a noun , a common verb "to be" and adjectives that agree with the plural noun.In fact we also have an example of the superlative form of the adjective too! What a gift with UKS2 or children who are revisiting months and need a new slant or angle to encourage interest!

Why not create a class book shop window "display" of target language book covers - one book cover for each month of the year?

Using our magical magnifying glasses (read about this here), we can analyse the text on the book cover we have found or the one at the top of the blog or possibly one we have created for the class to look at - with a sentence that we can unpack (noun,verb to be, adjective/s possibly in superlative depending on level of understanding of the young learners).

Take learning walk along the sentence.

  • Look for signs of a singular or plural noun
  • Find the verb in the sentence and locate the verb form in the present tense of the verb "to be" 
  • Discuss with the children why they think the form in the sentence has been selected and how the noun plays an important/key role 
  • Change the noun and see what happens to the verb (alter the noun from singular to plural etc)
  • Locate the adjective and look at how it is spelt.find the adjective in the dictionary and see if it has changed its spelling and revisit and discuss why this is the case
  • Try out some different adjectives with the same book cover focus
  • Now set the class a new book cover focus for a different month ( December offers lots of opportunities) Ask the children to create a table/ group version of a book cover for the month of December.
  • Look at what they create and discuss the sentences - two stars and a wish of course- two things that are good and one thing that can be improved etc 

Now it's time to create our own bookshop window display!
Revisit the twelve months in the target language
Talk through with the children something we associate with each month of the year- preferably something visual (record the children's ideas for future reference as they work on their own book covers) 

January : the three Kings 
February : a heart
March: Mothers Day
April: Easter eggs
May :blossom and flowers
June: a local festival or sunshine
July: the holidays
August : the beach
September: back to school
October: Halloween
November :fireworks
December: christmas presents

  • Divide your class in to pairs and ask each pair to create a book cover for a specific month of the year
  • Give each pair a month of the year as their focus and ask the pairs to design a book cover for their month.
  • It must have a key picture associated with the month and a target language sentence using a noun, the verb to be in the correct form, an adjective that agrees with the noun and possibly the superlative form,linked to the picture. 
  • Now you have the book cover posters for your class book shop display and you have revisited the months and practised nouns, verbs and adjectives with agreement plus possibly practised the superlative! 

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