Thursday, 8 October 2015

Spider's web.Reading and Writing Creative Game

On a walk the other day a good friend of mine took this fabulous photo. We saw this web and we knew it was a spider in the middle but look carefully and you could ask yourself ....."Is it a spider , is it a tiger....?" The colourings and the dew mislead you! 

As it is Autumn and some of us will also be looking for ideas for Halloween ,I thought this idea would fit well with writing in UKS2 in the target language.It makes a great guessing game and an interactive reading display too!

  1. Show them the picture and ask them which animals they can see.
  2. Ask the children to think of imaginary spider's webs and mystical powers.Ask them to look up in their bilingual dictionaries possible animals and adjectives such as colours and shapes to describe them.
  3. Ask the children to note down their findings.
  4. Brainstorm other possible animals that you might see in an imaginary spider's web
  5. Discuss the possible colours , size and shape of the animals
  6. Note down the language you discuss on the whiteboard
  7. ask the children to write three inetersting setences about the animal that they want caught in the spider's web 
  8. Ask the children to draw a spider's web.Can they then write their sentences clearly and carefully long the threads of their webs.
  9. In the centre they need to create their spider.Under the spider will be a picture of their own animal that they have described.
  10. To create their spider they must fold a piece of paper in two and on the outside flap draw the spider.Cut out the shape of the spider.It must be a size that can sit in the centre of the web the child has drawn.
  11. Now the child should add on the inside of the folded paper a drawing of the imaginary animal that is described in the written sentences. 
  12. The folded spider flap needs to be added to the web
  13. Each child is now a spider's web creator and must find partners in the class to work with
  14. The partners in the class must read the sentences, draw on a mini whiteboard what they expect to see caught in the spider's web.Then the partner can lift the flap of the spider picture in the cnetre of the web and see if the drawing matches the original drawing of the spider's web creator?
  15. The children swap roles and the reading activity starts again.
  16. The children can swap partners several times and once you collect in the webs you have a wonderful display! 

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