Wednesday, 23 April 2014

World Cup 2 Who is the person on the inside?

Take a look at the image! It's a football player .....but who is the person on the inside ?
These are World Cup activities for our Year 4 ,5 and 6 learners in the target language.

Yesterday thanks to @vallesco I received a link to the Daily Telegraph and the football strips for the World Cup teams.

Here's the link World Cup football strips

Here is the England team and their football strip ...........

......................................................................but what makes them who they are on the inside?  

Select some football strips of the World Cup teams! Give each table or group of six children a football strip and a country. 

Can the children investigate the countries and the famous buildings, foods,traditions and customs of the country and create a new football shirt of cultural graffiti for France .......

For Germany .......

For Spain...............

Here's my Spanish cultural graffiti shirt .I am certain our children will make them look far more authentic and creative!

The children can use this information to create an informative English presentation about the country and specific cultural aspects to share with the class with pictures etcetra.The t-shirt can act as their prompt as they hare their information with the class.

Now can they  create what's on the inside . Ask child in the group to select a team player from the World Cup team for the specific country and on the reverse side of the cultural graffiti shirt

Can they record on the reverse side of their shirt a target language greeting , a name phrase, maybe the town/city the player comes from and characteristics that describe the player (e.g. strong, quick,powerful,fast,brave etcetra)?

Here's my simple example:

Now the challenge is to create a football team of real people not just players . Each member of the team needs to introduce themselves and say their characteristics using the t-shirt as a prompt if necessary.

The class is almost ready for football team presentations . Each group must now decide upon a chant for their country name.

The final presentation will have three parts:

the country and the culture in English / the players and their characteristics in the target language / a final team line up and of course a team chant of the name of the country!  

Thanks to @vallesco for the French power point she has posted on light bulb languages to support teachers if they are investigating some of the participating teams in French and want to create their cultural graffiti t-shirts! French Who is inside the tshirt? ppt

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