Tuesday, 29 April 2014

World Cup Warm Ups

 World Cup Warm Ups 
To get the children up , moving and participating!

All three power points in French, Spanish and German can be accessed here World Cup Warm up power points ....

The World Cup Warm up lesson or lessons are easy to deliver and link language learning with physical activity and even measuring pulse rates.There is even the opportunity to create a musical performance of the World Cup Warm Up song.
  • Revisit numbers
  • Practise simple commands 
  • Play simon says with the commands 

  • Share the ppt story with the class .
  • Give out the picture with out the captions
  • Can the class match the written caption to the correct picture 
  • Can the class perform the warm up .Check your pulse rates before and after the activity! 
  • Set up challenges where one group challenges another table to do an activity ten times

  • Now the children are ready in groups of four or six to create their own world cup warm ups- reordering the activities and changing the amount of times each activity should be done .
  • They could record themselves performing the routines and train a second group to carry out their routine.

  • Create a World Cup Warm Up class song to familiar sporting themes tune such as Match of the Day as your PE warm up for the Summer last half term using this language!

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