Saturday 7 June 2014

Seaside special one .Seashell sounds and sand treasure hunts

It’s nearly Summer and many schools will be talking about and discussing the coast, the seaside, the beach. 

Here's a seaside game based on phonology for KS1 and Year 3 target language learners

Seashell Sounds and Sand Treasure Hunts 

Let’s listen to those sea shells....the ones you put to your ear and hear the sea…. 
Our sea shells are special,because we can hear sounds from the target language.

  • You need ten familiar items or objects in a tray of sand placed in the centre of the carpet circle you have sat your class in.
  • You need to identify in each noun for each object key sounds
  • Practise the names of the nouns as you show the children the objects and then bury them in the sand.
  • You need the key sounds for Y3 onwards written on cards and for KS1 you will say a key sound to the child sat next to you.

This is a very quiet passing the sound on game .

With a cupped hand whisper clearly the sound that has been passed to you in the same way to the next person. Can the fifth child say the sound s/he  thinks, has been passed on . 

The class decide which object has this sound within the spoken noun (sometimes there may be more than one noun with the sound) and the fifth child must now try to remember where the buried item has been placed. 

They only have one chance to dig for treasure and if they don’t find it they must put the item they have found back in the same place and cover it with sand. 

How many items can the class successfully retrieve?

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  1. Possibly the most beautiful phonics activity in the world!