Saturday 7 June 2014

Seaside special two: Design brief for fantastical sandcastles

Design brief for a fantastical sandcastle
A very simple activity but one our children always love is to set up a competition to design their own sandcastles!
Explain to the children how many sandcastle beach competitions you will find on beaches across Europe in the Summer

There is a slight twist though because as we all know the sea washes away the sandcastles from the day before .
Can a second group or pair take the design brief and recreate the sandcastle design that a first group or pair has written?
How similar are the two designs when the drawings are compared?

What’s very important is that the children can write clear sentences to describe the features of their sandcastles in the target language. This means that the teacher can determine the degree of difficulty – 
  • beginner writers in a target language we would suggest - noun, verb and adjective  and quantity. 
  • moving on writers in a target language  we would expect  adjectives that agree with nouns as well as simple well constructed sentences
  • advanced writers n the basic target language we would expect more detailed information – nouns, quantity, adjectives that agree, prepositions and possibly directional language.

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