Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Colour mimes and word association

Colour mimes and word association. 
Revisiting and extending knowledge of spoken and written colours 

Half way through our learning year, it's good to revisit familiar language and extend the language we know.
We have introduced or revisited with the children in year 3  six colours and the question "what colour is it? "
Now we want to extend this knowledge further. 

Select the colours you want to practise with the children and the new colours you want to introduce  .
Think of key objects you associate with the colours e.g  yellow= sun / blue= sea/ green= long grass/ red = fire /black = dark and eyes shut / white = cold snow ball /pink = a flower / lilac = butterfly

1.Create a mime to represent each colour ,share these with the children and say the colour in the target language at the same time 
2. Ask the children with a partner to recall as many of the colours as they can in the target language and to decide what each mime represents . Ask one pair to share their ideas with another pair . Take class feedback
3.Call a colour , can the children respond with the correct mime 
4. Ask a child to call a colour , can the class respond with the correct mime
5. Ask the children to create mimes of their own for three colours and then to challenge a partner.
6.Revisit or introduce the class to the colour words in the target language . Can they help you place pictures of the objects you mimed next to the correct written colour.
7.Mime a colour, can the children write down on a whiteboard the colour they think you associate with the mime 
8. Conceal the written word and perform the mime , can the children recall independently the written word for the colour?
9. Can the children solve your colour symbol slide messages? they must look at the message . Decide which colours are being depicted . Write down the colours as many times as they see the symbol and create their own colour  and action spoken message 

e.g.Here is an example colour message slide and the simple written response expected in the target language would be "blue,blue, yellow"

Now challenge them with symbol slides - no colours just symbols to create their written and spoken responses !

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