Thursday, 13 February 2014

Stepping Stones to Grammar : The Child's Voice

Stepping Stones to Grammar : The Child's Voice 

This week I have been busy in all sorts of ways discussing with colleagues KS2 and progression 
One thorny issue which has been cropping up is grammar at KS2. 

Within my network we have been trialling approaches to grammar and ways to engage the learner and support specialist and non-specialist teachers at KS2. Something we keep reminding ourselves about is ,that is primary language learning and that we are working with young children who want a structured and creative programme of learning that allows them as children to explore and grow in confidence as young language learners. They are not frightened by structure and grammar , they just need to have time to enjoy exploring it and playing with it like its code or a puzzle or a pattern!

I have been watching, observing and listening  to the children themselves! And I have come to the conclusion that we need to take small steps and let children stay on a stepping stone to explore before rushing them to the next level . We need to help them to stand up and feel confident on that stepping stone and then hold their hand as they make their way to the next stepping stone and we need to let them think about and connect grammar in a new language to structures they are already investigating in Literacy.

Here are three PDFs with their children's voice to guide us , laid out as in "stepping stones" starting from the child , explaining how they progress as language learners that are  not frightened but excited by new learning , how they become inquisitive and  interested in structure  and maybe intrepid explorers..... ready for secondary languages and the care and attention of linguists at KS3.

If we listen to the voice of the learner and we acknowledge their stages of development as young language learners then in my opinion we will progress with the children and not try to force  progression

The subtitle of the PDFs is simple" from a beginner to an interested and "want to know more young language learner" and that's what I hope I will create by planning for progression using the voice I can hear on these stepping stones . 

Stepping Stones Grammar Nouns Child Voice 

Stepping Stones Grammar Verbs Child Voice

Stepping Stones Grammar Adjectives Child Voice

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