Sunday, 9 February 2014

listening sticks

With all the children we teach we want to encourage them to develop their listening skills. I have devised a game that encourages competition and challenge with a very simple resource . The example here is just a stick with numbers and colours on it . The idea is that each person listens for a colour to be called out that they have on their stick . They should wave the stick if they have the colour.  The teacher calls a number and the children wave their sticks if they have that number . the teacher then calls a number in specific colour and only the children with that number printed in the specific colour should wave their sticks . There are six different permutations of sticks by the way - so there will always be more than one child that can respond.There are lots of different ways to play the listening game and you can change the objects etc on the sticks . It's simple and fun and encourages the learner to listen for specific information . The game can then be played by groups of children independently - with one child being the leader calling out the colours / numbers etc .
Here is a PDF to help you use this idea in your own teaching and  learning. 

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