Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Autumn activities

Over the last two years and at this particular time of year, I have written blog posts to celebrate Autumn.I  have brought them altogether here to help those who want to teach a series of lessons based on Autumn.

Simple activities that all your staff can use to practise numbers , colours,simple language with an Autumn style theme, based around leaves, counting and the colour of leaves.

Being creative with the theme of autumn from creating imaginary fantatsical fruits to creating our own German Eulen and reading a Spanish Autumn poem

Taking an Autumn walk, making 3D maps of parks and places in town

Exploring a beautiful French poem with UKS2 - les feuilles mortes.

Writing ,and a review of this half term's language learning, using Autumn leaves to be gathered in amd shared out again at the start of next half term!

Autumn markets and simple language links with Maths.

Using drama,poetry,music and performance to go on an autumn walk with a French poem

Looking for nouns, adjectives and verbs

Autumn sentence trees.Writing complex sentences (noun,verb, adjective, conjunction and intensifier)

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