Thursday, 17 September 2015

The Magic Roundabout,practising French language and culture

Recently I was inspired by the title of a whole school focus "The Secret World of Toys" posted on a Facebook page I subscribe to.
What a brilliant idea!
I am busy creating Cross Curricular and Creative Units for our VLE .More details here should you be interested Primary Languages Network Limited

A few years ago Emilie and I took a look at the "Magic Roundabout" with a class here in Warrington, as part of her work on a 1960s project.A gift really as it is a French cartoon and story!

We met the characters in French and built simple personalities for the characters.Then just as luck would have it on a holiday in France I came across meringue Dougal cakes for sale in the market! Here was Polux authentic French cake and an authentic French character from a children's TV programme!!

Then I came across this wonderful song!

So now I have a sequence of lessons- from joining in with a song,to simple conversations to more challenging spoken and written activities and a bit of cake making and culture in there too!

  • Practising the song for the magic roundabout for a class assembly- maybe adding actions and puppets! 
  • Creating a display in English and French about the magic roundabout
  • Designing Magic Roundabout paper puppets using my paper puppet design and holding simple conversations.Take a look at my blog post Paper puppets with a purpose ...but obviously creating Magic Roundabout characters!
  • Creating character descriptions or profiles of each of the characters in French
  • Creating a new character for the Magic Roundabout - name, age , physical description and personality, likes and dislikes
  • And don't forget creating French meringues in the shape of the characters! Here is the photo I took of Polux!

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